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Facial Rejuvenation For Men

Getting a facelift in Baltimore isn’t just for women. Men also deserve to look their best and to benefit from facial rejuvenation and no one know this better than ASAPS member, Dr. Jeffrey Schreiber who has successfully performed the procedure on numerous men. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with men wanting to look their best, and with Father’s Day approaching, now might be the time to consider giving that special Dad in your life the gift of facial rejuvenation.

A great aspect of having facial rejuvenation in Baltimore is the ability of having a top notch cosmetic surgeon like Dr. Schreiber do the job. As men age skin around the eyes, jowls, and chin begins to sag and droop. This could lead to an older and more tired appearance. Many men feel that even if they don’t actually feel tired, this tired appearance could affect their job. Getting a Baltimore facelift can tighten the skin and give the face and jaw line a more energetic, youthful look that could really come in handy when it’s time for a promotion.

Similarly, fat in the face can become displaced during the aging process. A simple facelift can help smooth out the skin and give a man a younger appearance without altering the natural look of his facial features. Whether a man is hoping to appear more vibrant at work, or simply to look better for himself and his loved ones, getting a facelift in Baltimore does wonders for the appearance and self-esteem.

Aside from facelifts, men can also benefit from a rhinoplasty, or nose job. This is another increasingly common procedure for men hoping to look their best. Some may not be aware of the fact that changes to the nose over the years can also give an older look to the face. By making a few slight alterations, Dr. Schreiber can give your face a more attractive and younger feel. The procedure could be so slight that most friends and coworkers don’t even realize you has a nose job, just that you look better.

To discuss these and other facial rejuvenation options for men reach out to Dr. Schreiber who is also a Clinical Instructor at the Johns Hopkins Hospital. He is more than able to answer any and all questions about cosmetic surgery and your specific needs. A simple consultation will help you decide what procedure is best for you and give you an idea of the expectations and how to prepare for the surgery. Call Baltimore Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Center today at (410) 205-1846.

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