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Brazilian Butt Lift Baltimore


The Brazilian butt lift Baltimore is a procedure to increase the size and improve the contour of your buttocks. In order to do this, fat is harvested from various parts of your body with liposuction. The fat can be removed from the abdomen, arms, thighs, back, and knees. It is then carefully prepared in grafted into the buttocks. The improved shape is long lasting with minimal pain and downtime. If you live in or near Baltimore, butt lift surgery can be a reality for you starting with a consultation with Dr. Schreiber.

Reasons for Considering a Brazilian Butt Lift

Lack of volume in the buttocks
Flat contour of the buttocks
Desire for bigger buttocks
Extreme weight loss leading to flattening of the buttocks

baltimore Brazilian butt lift
baltimore Brazilian butt lift
baltimore Brazilian butt lift
baltimore Brazilian butt lift

Brazilian Butt Lift – General Procedure

For a Brazilian butt lift Baltimore, board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Jeffrey Schreiber, explains that the procedure can be done as an outpatient or you can stay overnight in the hospital. General anesthesia is required for this procedure. The fat is first harvested from various parts of your body with liposuction. Then, the fat is processed in a special, sterile way to make it suitable for grafting and to make as much of it as possible be permanent. The fat is then carefully injected into the buttocks increasing the volume and improving the shape. The amount injected is decided upon before the procedure with you and Dr. Schreiber.

Dr. Schreiber performs Brazilian butt lifts and other cosmetic surgery procedures at Northwest Hospital in Randallstown, Maryland and at the SurgiCenter of Baltimore in Owings Mills, Maryland. Both of these facilities are easily accessible from Towson, Baltimore City, Baltimore County, Pikesville, Ruxton, Lutherville, Howard County, Annapolis, and Washington D.C.

Recovery Process

After the procedure, Dr. Schreiber will place you in a compressive garment to help mold your new shape. Antibiotics are prescribed as well as pain medication. Very few stitches are placed and they are removed at one week during your follow-up visit with Dr. Schreiber. To help maintain your new and improved shape, Dr. Schreiber recommends limiting the amount of time that you sit directly on the buttocks for 2 weeks.

Along with his expertise with Brazilian Butt Lift Baltimore, Dr. Schreiber also offers the safest and most up-to-date cosmetic surgery procedures for all body areas. Having trained at The Johns Hopkins Hospital and the University of Maryland Medical Center, Dr. Schreiber is one of the most sought-after arm lift Baltimore specialists in the DC metro area. To learn more, call us to schedule a consultation, (410) 205-1846.


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