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Laser Skin Resurfacing Baltimore


Laser skin resurfacing Baltimore with IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) or CO2 laser therapy is a great way to improve the look and appearance of your face.  From fine lines and wrinkles to age spots, lasers are a wonderful way to get the glow back to your face and neck.

Laser skin resurfacing Baltimore specialist, Dr. Jeffrey Schreiber, uses two lasers to treat the face.  The first one is called IPL or intense pulsed light.  This laser is very gentle and can be done in several minutes with no recovery.  However, you may need 4-6 treatments in order to get the desired results.  Many of Dr. Schreiber’s laser patients come in during lunch to get the IPL laser treatment.  The only downside is a little redness.  There is practically no pain and no recovery.  Schedule a laser consultation with Dr. Schreiber to see if IPL laser treatment is right for you.

For a more intense laser treatment, patients have the option of getting the CO2 laser.  This is a fantastic laser to go deeper than the IPL laser, getting more intense results.  However, this laser requires you to have some sedation in the operating room setting.  Dr. Schreiber commonly combines CO2 laser skin resurfacing with other facial cosmetic surgery procedures, like eyelid surgery and brow lifts.  The recovery for the CO2 laser is more involved than the IPL laser.  Patients typically take off 3-5 days from work as their skin peels during the recovery period.  Dr. Schreiber and his staff will also see you several times after the CO2 laser treatment to help speed along the skin’s recovery.  Oral pain medications are also commonly given to help with any discomfort from the laser.

Offering cosmetic surgery consultations, patients can come in to discuss which type of laser is right for them.  Dr. Schreiber will spend as much time as you need describing the details of each one and what is involved with the laser treatments.

Besides laser skin resurfacing Baltimore, perhaps the most popular of our non-surgical enhancements is botox Baltimore. Unlike other medical professional offices, Dr. Schreiber sees each and every patient interested in botox Baltimore to thoroughly review their medical history and aesthetic goals to make sure that botox is right for them. Sometimes botox Baltimore isn’t the only, or best, solution. If you’re interested in learning more about other non-surgical enhancements, click here or call us to schedule a consultation, (410) 205-1846.


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