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Baltimore Breast Augmentation


As an expert in Baltimore breast augmentation, Dr. Jeffrey Schreiber, specializes in the latest breast enhancement techniques. After personally greeting you, he will take you back to his office in order to learn what your goals are when it comes to cosmetic breast surgery. He will ask you what cup size you are looking for and whether or not you want extra projection. If you need a breast lift, cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Schreiber, will discuss the best type of lift to go with your augmentation in order to achieve a great shape and size to your breasts. Women who have breastfed or undergone weight fluctuations commonly need a lift as well as implants to restore shape and volume to the breasts.

Baltimore Breast Augmentation
Baltimore Breast Augmentation
Baltimore Breast Augmentation
Baltimore Breast Augmentation

Baltimore Breast augmentation patients then undergo a physical exam to thoroughly assess the breasts in order to determine the best type and size of breast implant. Patients frequently have asymmetric breasts and Dr. Schreiber can explain how to correct this asymmetry.

Following this, Dr. Schreiber will then take you back to his office and go over the entire breast augmentation procedure, recovery, and let you see different types of breast implants.

Breast augmentation is usually a 2-3 hour operation that is commonly done as an outpatient. Recovery is really pretty easy with only taking several days off of work and 1 week from exercise. Heavy weightlifting and cross training can resume at 4-6 weeks. Dr. Schreiber places waterproof dressings on so you can shower the next day!

For all breast implant patients, he will discuss the pros and cons of silicone versus saline implants. However, silicone breast implants are FDA approved and they give a very natural look and feel to the breasts. Dr. Schreiber uses silicone breast implants most commonly, as they are unbelievably soft and natural in appearance.

When you undergo breast augmentation, you can achieve the fuller breast you have always wanted. This is a type of breast enhancement surgery, which has become extremely popular due to the superior results it provides. This surgery is ideal for women of all ages, no matter if you simply want to have a slightly larger breast, or enhance your look as you age.

Baltimore Breast augmentation surgery can help to enhance your overall appearance, while boosting your self-confidence. Prior to undergoing surgery, you need to carefully think about your expectations, in addition to the outcomes that may occur, and then discuss these with the surgeon you have chosen for the procedure. The ideal candidate for breast augmentation surgery is any woman who is looking for some type of improvement, not the perfect body, in the results that they receive. When you discuss the specific expectations you have for this procedure, then you will likely have a successful outcome and the breasts you have always wanted.

When you use the services of the Baltimore Plastic Surgery, you can have confidence that the Baltimore breast augmentation procedure will help you to achieve the look that you desire.

Dr. Schreiber is also pleased to inform his Baltimore breast augmentation patients about the new Ideal Breast Implants! These new FDA approved breast implants are filled only with saline, but give the look and feel of silicone gel. They are perfect for those patients who desire larger, fuller breasts, but like the peace of mind knowing that they only have saline breast implants. Current saline breast implants can feel hard and can give an unnatural look. However, the new Ideal breast implants are made with shells that get filled with saline and feel and look much more natural that standard saline breast implants. Many news articles and reports have recently depicted the details of these new and exciting breast implants.

The choice for your Maryland breast augmentation involves many different decisions. Come in to discuss your breast enhancement procedure with Dr. Schreiber to determine if silicone, saline, or Ideal breast implants are right for you.

To view some of the amazing results of Dr. Schreiber’s breast augmentation Maryland procedures, click here.

If you’re interested in learning more about breast enhancement procedures, like a breast lift in Baltimore click here. Dr. Schreiber always performs a thorough assessment in order to determine the best technique to achieve your particular aesthetic goals. Schedule your consultation here or call us at (410) 205-1846.


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