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5 Most Commonly Asked Questions before a Baltimore Breast Augmentation

breast augmentation questions

Breast augmentation is an excellent way to increase the size of your breasts safely and reliably.  The procedure takes about 90 minutes and the recovery is only about 2-3 days of taking it easy.  Discomfort is well controlled with oral pain medication, and you can even shower the next day in most cases!  As your Baltimore breast implant expert, Dr. Schreiber sees multiple patients every week seeking out breast implants to restore volume of their breasts or to improve cleavage that they never had.  Having said this, here are the five most commonly asked questions about a breast augmentation procedure:

  1.  How long do they last?  Breast implants can last many, many years and the current revision rate is about 20% every 10 years.  The revisions are typically done because women want to go either larger or smaller with the implants or they would like a lift with replacement of the older implants for new ones simultaneously.
  2. Are the implants placed over or under the muscles?  This depends upon the athleticism of the patient.  For those women who routinely engage the chest muscles for exercise or if they do not want their implants to shift with flexion of the chest muscles, then over the muscle is a good option.  If women are looking for a more natural look and don’t mind a slight shifting of the implants with exercise then going under the muscle is a great option.
  3. Are the breast implants smooth or textured?  Dr. Schreiber only uses smooth breast implants.  With years of experience using these types of breast implants, he has achieved amazing results in hundreds of women and fully supports the use of smooth silicone gel breast implants.
  4. When can I start working out again?  Typically, Dr. Schreiber recommends waiting 1 week before resuming light cardio exercise and 6 weeks for heavy weightlifting.
  5. How do I determine which size to get?  When it comes to picking out your breast implants, Dr. Schreiber listens to what his patients want and spends a lot of time making sure his patients are satisfied with the size before surgery.  Therefore, he encourages his patients to bring in photos of breasts that his patients like and he provides ample time for women to “try on” breast implants by putting breast implant samples inside their bras to get a 3D look and feel for that their breasts will look like after surgery.

It’s important to remember that every patient is unique and not every answer to these questions is the same for everyone.  This is why Dr. Schreiber spends a lot of time with his breast augmentation patients to ensure that all of their questions are answered to the best of his ability.  Breast augmentation is a fantastic procedure and it’s one of Dr. Schreiber’s most common operations to perform.  So, if you want to get the breast size that you’ve always wanted to if you want to restore lost volume to your breasts, call (410) 205-1846 for a consultation or simply click the Schedule and Appointment tab at the top of this page and a staff member will contact you very soon to schedule your consultation!

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