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Advice on Recovering from Breast Augmentation in Maryland


One of the most common procedures performed at Baltimore Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Center is breast augmentation. Of course, after having breast augmentation in Maryland, our patients are anxious to get out and show off their new look. However, it’s important to take some time to yourself to recover following such a procedure. By following a few key pieces of advice, you’ll be ready to go out and show off your new curves in no time.
After receiving breast implants in Maryland, you will need to relax. This means no heavy lifting for the first several weeks following your procedure. No picking up heavy grocery bags, doing laundry, or picking up the kids. You’ll have to find someone else to help you out with certain chores and daily activities. A light walk is okay, but don’t push yourself too soon, enjoy some time relaxing.
Wearing the right bra is vital. Your surgeon will most likely send you home with a surgical bra that you are meant to wear during the initial recovery stage. Wear the bra for as long as your surgeon recommends, then switch to a sports bra or one without underwire as you continue to recover.
Sleeping on your back is also recommended. Sleeping on your stomach or side during recovery can cause the implants to become misshapen or displaced. The best way to sleep while recovering is on your back, using an extra pillow or two to raise your head. Once the implants have settled into place you can resume sleeping as you normally would.
If you smoke, you should discontinue doing so at least during the first four weeks after surgery. Similarly, you should avoid alcohol. Both substances can interfere with your body’s natural healing abilities and prolong recovery. Both are also bad for your health, and this recovery time could prove to be a great time to quit or reduce such habits.
Of course, you will also need to stay in touch with your surgeon and going to follow-up appointments. This way your doctor can get a good read on how you are recovering and nip any potential complications in the bud. You can also consult with him or her as to when would be a good time to return to normal routines that you have been avoiding while recovering.
For more information on recovering after a breast augmentation or a mommy makeover in Maryland, do not hesitate to reach out to Dr. Jeffrey Schreiber, who is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Our friendly staff will happily answer any questions or schedule a consultation. Call (410) 205-1846 today.

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