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Baltimore Breast Augmentation Expert Dispels Breast Enhancement Myths


There are a lot of things you can do to improve your looks: put on makeup, sport a new hairdo, or update your wardrobe, just to name a few. Increasing your chest size, however, will prove to be a much harder task.

are breast enlargement pills dangerous

When it comes to cup size, it seems that some women simply lucked out on the genetic lottery, leaving those with more modest bosoms to try all kinds of breast enlargement methods. Unfortunately, many of these are not only bogus but potentially dangerous as well, as Lisa Sefcik writes for

Never assume a breast enlargement pill or any natural herbal supplement is safe for you to take, stresses the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. The ingredients in these products can interact with the medications you take and can be extremely dangerous if you have certain medical conditions. Saw palmetto can not only effect how well your blood clots, but it can interact adversely with blood-thinning medications. Also, because it can have estrogen-like effects, there’s the possibility that it might make your birth control pills less effective. Wild yam can also interact adversely with with hormone replacement therapies and birth control pills. But of tantamount concern to women is that taking phytoestrogens may increase your risk for breast cancer. Essentially, all nutrients, herbs and other natural ingredients can become toxic if you take them long enough in very high doses, cautions the FDA.

According to Dr. Jeffrey Schreiber, who performs breast augmentation on Baltimore clients, there are many other breast enhancement myths that women subscribe to. Below are a few prevalent ones that need to be dispelled ASAP:

Gaining Weight Can Up your Cup Size
Breasts are mostly made of fat, and some women think that gaining weight will give them larger chests. However, each woman’s body distributes fat differently, so there’s no guarantee that you’ll gain a cup size by putting on more pounds. Chances are, the extra fat will only go to your thighs or belly, making you even unhappier about your figure.

Wearing a Bra to Bed Keeps Your Breasts Perky
Small breast size isn’t the only concern women have—they have to deal with saggy bosoms, too. To combat sagging, many women think that wearing a bra to bed will keep their breasts “lifted” or perky. Unfortunately, there is no scientific basis for this assumption and it’s actually recommended to give your breasts a break at night.

Indeed, the best way to enhance your breasts’ size and profile is to consult a Baltimore breast augmentation expert. They can recommend the best procedures that will help you attain your ideal bosom.

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