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Baltimore Breast Lift and Augmentation: More than Just Party Tricks


For many reasons, a lot of women seek breast enhancement. In 2013 alone, 313,327 breast augmentation procedures and 137,233 breast lift surgeries were done in the U.S., according to The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Some women do it for improving their self-image, for enhancing their sex life, or for appearing shapely in an upcoming special occasion.

Now, people who have the third reason in mind may choose quick fixes over the real thing. Breast lifts that last overnight may be unheard of, but, yes, there are women who do receive such treatments for around $2,500 to $3,500. Megan Friedman, beauty news reporter for, features the recent fad of having temporary breast lifts with saline injections:


The injections were originally designed to show women what real breast augmentation surgery might look like. But now they’re often purchased as one-day-only treatments–the rich woman’s equivalent of putting inserts in your push-up bra.

The president of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery called the injections a mere “party trick,” and the high price tag may prevent them from becoming the Botox for boobs. But for those who can afford it (here’s looking at you Real Housewives), it may be just the pick-me-up they were looking for.

Now you can get fake breast that last for just one day

Although these instant but fleeting breast enhancements may seem harmless, they could be counterproductive if done as a habit. When the skin on the breasts get stretched out frequently, it may age or get damaged more quickly. Some women opt for Botox instead of saline injections for the effects to last up to 3-4 months. Some doctors, however, suggest that correcting your posture could achieve the same mild results, so why bother?

Women in Maryland might want to consult a reliable surgeon for an augmentation or breast lift in Baltimore, instead of cosmetic fillers. You will be given options for surgical correction and implants to achieve the bra cup size and breast shapes you desire. With the abovementioned procedures, you can enjoy the enhancements for a longer time.

Established practices like the Baltimore Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Center can guide you throughout the whole process of breast lift or breast augmentation in Baltimore. Your surgeon will discuss the implications of the surgeries and make sure that you have realistic expectations. In any case, with the actual breast enhancement, you can be sure that you won’t be getting any short-lived party tricks.

(Source: Now You Can Get Fake Breasts That Last for Just One Day,, August 22, 2014)

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