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Baltimore Cosmetic Surgery: Turn Back the Effects of Time on Your Face


As people age, there are unavoidable physical changes that they will most likely experience, especially on their face. Skin loosens, wrinkles develop, and other things that build up to negatively affect one’s appearance. Fortunately, it’s possible for Baltimore cosmetic surgery to help you get back your youthful face with the help of facelift surgery.

There are several practices like Baltimore Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Center that can perform quality cosmetic surgery in Baltimore, and you can trust that they know facelift procedures well. If you’re thinking of undergoing the procedure, you’ll need to know more about it. First, technically speaking, a facelift is called a rhytidectomy and involves reshaping the lower half of your face by removing excess facial skin. However, it does have its limitations: it won’t drastically change your look nor will it stop the ageing process.

Secondly, the decision to undergo a facelift shouldn’t be taken lightly. It’s still a surgical procedure and you need to have a good reason to get one. Some of these reasons can be sagging midface skin or that in your jawline, deep creases in your face, and loss of muscle tone in the lower face. If you’re suffering from any one of these and you’re healthy and aware of what to expect, getting a facelift is a reasonable choice. You’ll have to consult with an expert cosmetic surgeon to decide on exactly what will be done and to be knowledgeable about it.

Thirdly, the procedure itself can be complicated. Expect to be under full anesthesia for up to five to six hours. A simple facelift can only take two hours actually, but some additional procedures like fat grafting, face liposuction, and brow lifts add to that time. The facelift itself involves making incisions near the temple, the ear, and behind it, then manipulating the skin to a more desirable position.

Finally, the post-surgery process can take some time. To illustrate, Ursula Dewey interviewed a specialist for her article posted at on what to expect afterwards:

A facelift is not a particularly painful operation though some patients report a spasm and tightness in the chewing muscles of the jaw. The face certainly feels tight, looks over corrected and the swelling is mildly uncomfortable but, if the head is kept elevated, the level of pain is relatively low.

The pain and awkwardness should be gone within a week or so, but it will take more time to get used to it. If you’re thinking of getting a facelift for a big event, note that the average period of recovery would be three months. After you have adjusted and healed completely, you can then be proud of your rejuvenated and more youthful face.

(Source: What Happens During A Facelift? We Find Out Step By Step, SoFeminine, October 27, 2014)

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