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Baltimore Plastic Surgeon On Pros & Cons of Elective Cosmetic Surgery


Elective cosmetic surgery is for the candidate who has thought long and hard about their dream body, and is ready to set a date with a board certified plastic surgeon. Elective cosmetic surgery, such as a tummy tuck in Baltimore MD, will always have pros and cons to consider. Continue reading to find out the details on what these are and see if elective cosmetic surgery with a Baltimore plastic surgeon is the right path for you.


The obvious pro to cosmetic surgery is walking away with your dream body! Dr. Schreiber can provide a tummy tuck in Baltimore, as well as breast reconstructive surgery (enhancement, lift, or implants), liposuction, a facelift, and more!

Dr. Schreiber, Baltimore plastic surgeon, was trained by leading schools in cosmetic surgery procedures. When you go to him for your cosmetic surgery, you will be receiving top-of-the-line service from a professional who can also answer your procedure-related questions. Whether you are seeking a tummy tuck in Baltimorebreast augmentation in Baltimore, or other cosmetic surgery, this Baltimore plastic surgeon will keep you in good hands.

Another pro to elective cosmetic surgery is the self-esteem boost. This often accompanies a cosmetic surgeries like a Baltimore breast augmentation or facelift.

Elective cosmetic surgery clients have had ample time to plan, prepare, and decide on their ideal look. Therefore, once the look is achieved, patients walk away excited, confident, and ready to be social and show off their new bodies.


Some cons to elective plastic surgery are: cost, physical risks, and maintenance. Because elective cosmetic surgery is planned in advance, there is ample time to prepare for the potential risks and gain insight from your Baltimore plastic surgeon.

The cost of plastic surgery is not necessarily cheap, but price depends mainly on how many surgeries you intend to have, and which surgeries in particular you opt for. Physical risks associated with plastic surgery depend on the type of surgery you have done, and can be reviewed with your surgeon beforehand. Being open and honest with your surgeon about the status of your physical health will best prepare you for a pain-free procedure. Selecting an ethical and qualified plastic surgeon, like Dr. Schreiber, will ensure that you are aware of all risks, and that the utmost care will be taken to avoid any complications. Lastly, maintenance associated with plastic surgery is often a concern, but is again dependent on the surgeon and the type of surgery being done. Certain procedures may require a follow-up surgery, but when this is the case, surgeons will disclose this during the consultation phase.

Overall, the beauty of elective cosmetic surgery lies not only in the outcome but in the planning stages that precede it. Though there are some risk factors, talking with your doctor will keep you well-informed so you can ultimately be prepared for the body you have been planning for. The last step is a definite pro – celebrate your newly changed body!

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