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Baltimore Plastic Surgeon on the Various Reasons to Get Rhinoplasty


What’s your beauty secret? Is it using raw honey as an all-natural face mask? Or exfoliating knees and elbows with orange halves?

For celebrities, the secret to their stunning beauty often remains just that: a well-guarded secret. In a lot of cases, this is because they underwent cosmetic surgery to enhance their looks, hence the hush-hush attitude towards such procedures. However, Glee star Diana Agron had no qualms about admitting that she had a nose job, as this article from reports:

Dianna talked to David Letterman about her reason for rhinoplasty, and like most celebs, she had an excuse for getting her nose done. The bubbly blonde told Dave that she actually broke her beak twice — the first time she got punched by a girl at a high school party by accident when the attacker’s fist misfired (she was evidently aiming for a guy), and the second time she got hit in the snout while she was out dancing with her friends. Dianna suffered through the first break because she didn’t want to tell her mom she was out partying, but it led to her having problems with a deviated septum later on. Luckily the second break occurred before she had the first one corrected.

Of course, Agron is hardly the first celebrity to have had this procedure done. After all, even radio personality Howard Stern admitted to having received rhinoplasty back in 2006.

dianna argon and other celebs that have admitted to getting nose jobs

Dr. Jeffrey Schreiber, a Baltimore plastic surgeon, says that like Agron, many of his clients have elected to get rhinoplasty both for aesthetic and for practical reasons. The nose, after all, lies in the center of the face and protrudes slightly, making it liable to be struck by accident. In extreme cases, the trauma may even break the nose’s bridge, and only surgery can return its original shape and look.

In other cases, clients are unhappy with their natural noses—they find it too big or too small, or maybe it has unsightly bumps. Some may even have congenital defects such as nasal clefts, or suffer from conditions such as relapsing polychondritis (wherein the nasal cartilage collapses upon itself). In these instances, rhinoplasty can enhance a person’s nose and improve their self-esteem in the process.

As the article above demonstrates, the stigma associated with cosmetic procedures is mostly gone, and celebrities are now openly admitting what nips and tucks they’ve received. If you feel that rhinoplasty is right for you, don’t hesitate to contact trusted Baltimore plastic surgeons who can discuss the process further with you.

(Source: Dianna Agron and Other Celebs that Have Admitted to Getting Nose Jobs,

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