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Experience a Breast Lift in Baltimore with Fat Grafting

Baltimore fat grafting
Baltimore fat grafting
Baltimore fat grafting
Baltimore fat grafting

Many are choosing fat grafting as an option for a breast lift in Baltimore. Fat grafting, done by Dr. Jeffrey Schreiber, a plastic surgeon in Baltimore, has years of experience with this procedure. Fat grafting has recently gained in popularity because of the advances in fat cell and stem cell research. The process of transferring fat from various parts of the body to the breasts can easily be done alone or in combination with other cosmetic surgery procedures.

Here is a list of several popular Baltimore breast fat grafting procedures:

Fat Grafting to the Breasts – General Considerations

Women who are interested in Baltimore breast augmentation for increasing the size of their breasts without implants or who would like to achieve any of the abovementioned aesthetic goals are potential candidates for the Baltimore breast fat grafting procedure. During your consultation, Dr. Schreiber will take an extensive history and listen carefully to why you would like the procedure. He will thoroughly review your medical history as well to make sure that your procedure will go as safely as possible. At the examination, he will determine if you are physically a candidate for the procedure and he will assess to see if you have enough excess fat to achieve your aesthetic goals and desires. Finally, he will then discuss with you in detail your options regarding your breasts and he will help you determine what is best for you. Insurance coverage of this procedure is possible for breast reconstruction only and will be determined during your consultation.

Fat grafting to the Breasts – The Procedure

Fat grafting to the breasts can be done as an outpatient procedure. However, if you would like to combine other cosmetic surgery procedures with it, this can also be arranged. An overnight stay in the hospital might then be required for your safety if the multiple procedures are done simultaneously.

Dr. Schreiber will see you in the preoperative area of the hospital and mark out the areas of the breasts to be treated with fat grafting. He will also circle the areas from which he will remove the fat with liposuction.

Typical areas that Dr. Schreiber uses for the liposuction include the following:

Anesthesia for the procedure is usually done with general anesthesia. However, procedures that don’t involve a large amount of liposuction can sometimes be done with only local anesthesia and sedation. During the procedure, Dr. Schreiber will use liposuction to harvest the fat which is then processed sterilely to isolate just the fat cells. The fat is then carefully and gently injected in the breasts to mold and contour them as discussed during the consultation. Dressings are then placed over the liposuction areas and breasts. A bra may or may not be applied depending upon the amount of fat grafted to the breasts. Once in recovery, you will rest quietly until you are ready to go home or until you are ready to go to your private hospital room. Recovery from breast fat grafting procedures ranges from 7-14 days depending upon many factors, like how much fat was removed and whether or not other procedures were done in combination.

Fat Grafting to the Breasts – Results


Fat grafting to the breasts can result in a natural breast augmentation that is soft and aesthetic. Also, contour deformities can very nicely be corrected with breast fat grafting. The areas from which Dr. Schreiber harvested the fat with liposuction may also be more aesthetic in appearance. Dr. Schreiber will typically overcorrect the breasts with fat grafting since the body may absorb about 40% of the fat. Pain is minimal from this procedure as Dr. Schreiber uses plenty of local anesthetic during the surgery. However, he will provide you with an oral narcotic pain pill just in case. Ibuprofen and Tylenol can also be used postoperatively. Dressings will usually stay on for about one week after the procedure and Dr. Schreiber typically allows his patients to drive after 1 week if an extensive fat grafting procedure was performed.

Dr. Schreiber is well-versed in all breast augmentation and enhancement procedures. One of his specialties includes gynecomastia or male breast reduction in Baltimore Maryland. You can check out the photo gallery to see examples of previous male reduction Baltimore Maryland procedures by clicking here. If you’d like more information on male breast reduction in Baltimore Maryland click here or give us a call at (410) 205-1846.


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