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Breast Reduction + Tummy Tuck in Baltimore MD Can Slim You Down Dramatically!


Imagine a person who has just hit their dream goal – they lost a ton of weight, and finally fit into those pants they bought over ten years ago. It’s time for a celebration! Anything is possible!

But on the horizon are some dark clouds. The weight is lost, so the hardest part is done, but there may be some pretty significant stretch marks and sagging skin where the fat used to be. Losing the weight might have been a battle of willpower, but there isn’t much you can do for the sagging skin except schedule an appointment with Dr. Schreiber for a tummy tuck in Baltimore MD.

Many people that have lost a significant amount of weight look to cosmetic surgery as a way to pare down the excess skin. A common question that Dr. Schreiber gets all the time is “can a breast augmentation and tummy tuck in Baltimore MD be combined into one procedure, and will it help me slim down?”

The Mommy Makeover

The short answer is yes, a Baltimore breast augmentation and a tummy tuck can be combined into one procedure. This is commonly referred to as “The Mommy Makeover”, because of its popularity among women who want their pre-baby bodies back. It’s generally used to get mothers back into the shape they were before pregnancy and breastfeeding took their tolls on the body.

The Mommy Makeover is useful for more than just mothers, though. The same principals of trimming excess saggy skin and reducing the bust can be applied to patients who recently lost a lot of weight as well. It can also be a great option for someone who is at an appropriate weight, but wants more curves and an hourglass shaped figure.

The results of a combined tummy tuck and breast lift in Baltimore can be pretty stunning. Dr. Schreiber has had great success helping to slim down patients significantly, making them look like a whole new person.

Dual Procedures At The Same Time

While both procedures are commonly performed as part of the Mommy Makeover, they’re not always performed at the same time. Whether or not it ends up being one procedure or two depends on how severe the cosmetic surgery is. Most patients have them both done in one surgery, but Dr. Schreiber may advise otherwise depending on your health.

A patient can only stay under anesthesia for so long before they risk getting dangerous complications like infections, pneumonia and in severe cases, even clots. If both of the procedures are relatively minor, a patient can save a decent amount of money by getting both at the same time. Not only that, but it cuts down the healing time as well – you can be back on your feet faster than ever. If one or both of the procedures are more severe, though, the plastic surgeon may decide to split them up to keep the patient safe.

Contact Dr. Schreiber at 410-205-1846 to schedule a consultation and learn more about Baltimore tummy tucks, breast augmentation, and Mommy Makeover procedures. Dr. Schreiber and Dr. Schuster, both of Baltimore Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Center, have each been selected as Baltimore Magazine Top Doctors of 2016!

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