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CoolSculpting: Top Tips for Before and After – A Precise Guide by the Expert Baltimore Plastic Surgeon


CoolSculpting is gaining popularity as a beneficial procedure for improved body contour. The experienced Baltimore plastic surgeons shed light on the before and after tips of this procedure.


Make sure that you’re a Perfect Candidate

baltimore-plastic-and-cosmetic-surgery-center-coolsculptingKeep in mind that CoolSculpting is not a weight reduction procedure; hence, a person should be close to their desired weight before opting for this procedure. It’s a process which will add the refined touches to your body after you’ve been through the weight reduction process, so that you obtain a desirable, shapely figure.

Also, it’s important to have sufficient pliable fat which can be easily suctioned into the attachments of CoolSculpting which are available in three sizes.

Ask About the Number of Treatments

Some people require only a single treatment as they’re contended with 20% lipid reduction. Whereas, some people might require two or more procedures in order to obtain the perfect figure which matches their expectations. Hence, discuss your concerns and expectations with the surgeon before going through the treatment.

Inquire about the Person Who’ll Be Performing the Procedure

Since CoolSculpting happens to be a non-invasive procedure, it’s usually carried out by nurses, physician assistants, or nurse practitioners who are under complete supervision of a doctor. So you must have an idea about the person who’ll be performing the procedure.

Document Your Experience

Baltimore breast augmentation experts, who also offer their services for CoolSculpting, state that it is a really good idea to document your whole experience of CoolSculpting by maintaining a diary, writing a blog, or/a review. It’s also a great measure to keep proper track of your photographs, opinions, and measurements, before and after the procedure.

Be Ready For Pain

Generally, only 10% of the patients feel pain or discomfort after the procedure. Mild pain can last for a few days after the surgery. If the patient requires pain relief, they’re usually prescribed with 600 to 800mg of ibuprofen twice a day. Tight clothing or spanks also help in decreasing the discomfort during the initial days after the surgery. So make sure you have all these items in advance before going for the procedure.


Be Vigilant About Your Body

Certain side effects like swelling, mild pain, and itching are normal right after the procedure. Also, the severity of the side effects depends upon the treated area. There’s more pain and tingling sensation if the abdominal area is treated, whereas, areas like back, thighs, and hands show minimal side effects.

Take Pictures

The result generation process is quite time consuming. Hence, take photographs of your treated area frequently, so that you can draw comparisons, and the changes which are taking place very slowly are easily visible to you.

Stay Patient

Prominent results usually start appearing within a period of one to four months. Small changes can become visible as early as two to three weeks after the procedure. Your body keeps flushing out the fat cells for up to three to six months after the procedure. Hence, the patient must not lose their patience and give their body due time for disposing off the dead fat cells.

You’ll Determine the Long-Term Results

The long-term results of CoolSculpting will completely depend upon your behavior. Proper exercise and consumption of healthy food is mandatory for maintaining the long-term results of CoolSculpting. Otherwise, you’ll start gaining weight and lose the body contouring which you obtained via CoolSculpting.

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