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Cosmetic Surgery in Baltimore: How Old is Too Old for a Facelift?


Rejuvenation might just be one of the most popular reasons for cosmetic surgery. Almost 2 million Americans went under the knife to improve their appearance last year, and numerous lifts generally aim to get rid of the wrinkles acquired through aging.

Of the thousands of surgeries done, facelifts comprise a significant portion, and seniors account for a considerable part of the facelift market. In fact, according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, facelift was the most common cosmetic surgery done on people aged 65 and above in 2013. There’s no indication what the most advanced age was in that “65 and above” bracket, so one might wonder, “how old is too old for a facelift?”

The safety of rhytidectomy in the elderly

If you are in your golden years and are interested in having cosmetic surgery in Baltimore, you shouldn’t be discouraged by your age in pursuing the treatment you want. Reputable surgeons will be happy to address your concerns about the procedure and discuss your options and expectations.

Is it safe for the elderly?
Safety might be one of your biggest worries when it comes to having a facelift in your senior years. However, previous studies have shown that facelifts are generally for the elderly, even if you have special health conditions. One such research (published in, a National Institutes of Health website) was done by the Cleveland Clinic:

The authors retrospectively reviewed consecutive face lifts (216 patients) performed by a single surgeon over a 3-year period. Patients were divided into two groups, younger than 65 years (148 patients) and 65 years and older (68 patients). Comorbidities, operative details, and complications were compared using statistical analysis.

In the authors’ series of carefully selected elderly patients, facelift complication rates were not statistically different when compared with those of a younger control group. The authors’ data suggest that chronologic age alone was not an independent risk factor for facelift surgery. Further studies are needed to define whether a chronologic age limit for safe facelift surgery beyond age 65 exists.

What can I expect?
Any modifications to the surgery and recovery, as well as the modesty of results that can be achieved after having cosmetic surgery in Baltimore, will be thoroughly discussed by your surgeon. You may want to seek the opinion and advice of a premier surgeon like Dr. Jeffrey Schreiber of the Baltimore Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Center to get beautiful, natural results from your facelift.

(Source: The safety of rhytidectomy in the elderly.,, June 2011)

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