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Double Chin Problems? Let Your Plastic Surgeon in Baltimore Help


Plastic surgeons in Baltimore are well-versed in all of the techniques that can improve your look. Whether you are looking for a breast lift in Baltimore or a tummy tuck in Baltimore, MD, our office will be happy to talk to you and give options.

Our staff at Baltimore Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Center would love to help you improve yourself. Dr. Jeffrey Schreiber is an amazing surgeon with skilled hands and a desire to create beauty. His attention to detail and his personal involvement in your process from the beginning to the end is the reason you want him for your own. The fact that he is highly qualified and well-renowned in the field is also a reason to consider him over the others.

All of us have problem areas that concern us and cause us to wish for a change. One concern for many individuals is a double chin. This can make you look much older and heftier than you may actually be. Gravity takes its toll on our bodies and starts to cause skin to sag. Luckily, there are procedures that can help you improve this area and return to your youthful look. The procedures have evolved over the years and can be performed in an out-patient manner. This makes the process easier and less obvious to those around you that you have had work done.

Kybella is a new treatment option available that can truly reverse the signs of a double chin. The procedure is FDA approved and is non-surgical. The procedure uses an injectable medicine that dissolves fat under the chin over several months. There are no surgeries, scars, or downtime associated with this procedure. The neck area is anesthetized with lidocaine and injections are made in the neck fat area under the chin. The procedure only takes 20 minutes and the most common side effect is swelling in the injection area. It may take a few treatments to truly reverse the look of a double chin, most people see results in 3 treatments.

Dr. Schreiber will meet with you and discuss the issues and concerns you have with your chin. He will assess whether Kybella is the right procedure for you or whether a neck lift is necessary. The amount of excess skin and fat will play a role in the level of procedure required. He will discuss all the options available to you and determine your level of comfort in the procedures that will work.

Plastic surgery is a great option for many conditions, but sometimes there are easier and less-invasive ways to improve your face and body. If the option is viable, your plastic surgeon will attempt the lesser of the invasive procedures to get the results you desire. Your plastic surgeon in Baltimore is ready to create a masterpiece, they just need you to begin.

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