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Dr. Schreiber, your trusted Baltimore plastic surgeon now offers IDEAL implants


When deciding to undergo breast augmentation with your Baltimore plastic surgeon, many women have been forced to choose between implants that are safe and made of saline and implants that are more realistic, but made of dangerous silicone. Now, when searching for breast augmentation in Baltimore, you have another option.

Breast enhancement can be an aesthetically pleasing option for your body and also be a great way to feel better about the way you look and the way your clothes fit. Deciding to obtain breast implants should be an informed decision and one that doesn’t pose any health risks to your body. Baltimore Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery has another option for you when selecting a breast enhancement option. Dr. Jeffrey Schreiber can consult with you to find the perfect option for your new breasts. His eye for beauty and artistry is the reason that he came into this profession. His office is available for all of your breast augmentation needs. They are also offering a new type of breast implant called the IDEAL implant.

IDEAL implants are the newest option for breast enhancement. These implants have recently been approved by the FDA in 2014. They offer the natural feel of silicone with the filler being comprised of saline. Therefore, you no longer have to choose from safe implants and natural implants. With IDEAL implants you get the best of both worlds in one implant. The new design has an inner and outer shell, with baffle shells that keep the saline from wrinkling and folding. The saline is contained in two separate chambers in the implant. The edges have also been lowered to allow a better fit with the chest wall.

During the trial period, 472 women came in for their 2-year follow up and the satisfaction rate was 94.3% for first time implants and 90.6% for replacement from their previous implants. This is an extremely high rate for breast implants and promising for the future of IDEAL implant patients. Your Baltimore breast augmentation may be served best with an IDEAL implant.

The best thing about these implants is that they are made from the same approved materials already in use for breast implants, they have just created a unique design that allows the implants to move more naturally when in the body. The implants are also manufactured in the USA at a facility with over 30 years of experience. IDEAL implants are only sold to board-certified or board-eligible plastic surgeons. So, contact your trusted Baltimore plastic surgeon, Dr. Schreiber and schedule a consultation today!

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