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Facelifts with Natural Results through Plastic Surgery in Baltimore


Having plastic surgery in Baltimore is a great way to restore your youthful appearance and gain self-confidence and energy. However, some facial procedures done by inexperienced surgeons can result in an unnatural, or “windswept” look. Fortunately, skilled surgeons, like Dr. Jeffrey Schreiber at Baltimore Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Center, offer a customized approach that makes adjustments to your specific facial structure, resulting in more natural results.

When you get a facelift in Baltimore you address issues such as wrinkles and sagging skin in the face. neck, and jawline. A qualified plastic surgeon takes the time to find out which specific areas you would like to address and works with you, making suggestions,  and setting a plan that works best for your individual needs.

In many cases, unnatural looking facelifts are the result of “cookie cutter” procedures which use the same approach for every patient. Be sure that your surgeon puts in the effort to get to know exactly what results you seek and find out how best to work with you facial tissue and structure.

Some facelifts deal mainly with the lower third of the face. If you are looking to add definition to cheekbones, correct lines near the nose or mouth, or fix hollows around the eyes, you may want to consider combining a facelift with a cheek lift. Be sure to have an idea of what specific areas you wish to address when opting for facial rejuvenation in Baltimore. The more specific you are and the more you consult openly with your cosmetic surgeon, the better and more natural-looking the results will be.

The first step in regaining a youthful experience is setting up a consultation with a professional like Dr. Jeffrey Schreiber. During a brief conversation he will be able to find out what you are looking for as well as get a general idea of which procedures and approaches are best suited for your individual case.

If you have questions about a facelift or any other plastic surgery in Baltimore, do not hesitate to reach out to Jeffrey Schreiber and the Baltimore Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Center. Our friendly staff will happily answer any questions or schedule a consultation. Call (410) 205-1846 today.


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