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Get ready for summer with a mommy makeover in Baltimore!

mommy makeover in Baltimore

Thinking about planning a summer vacation?  If you’d also like to reshape your body to look great in that swimsuit you love than you might want to consider a mommy makeover.  Dr. Schreiber, your Baltimore mommy makeover expert, offers many different options to achieve the look that you want!  This may include:

  1.  Tummy tuck – to remove excess skin of the lower abdomen and to tighten the abdominal muscles
  2.  Breast augmentation – to increase the size of the breasts with silicone or Ideal breast implants
  3.  Breast lift – to provide a perkier look to saggy breasts
  4.  Liposuction – to remove excess fat where the skin is still tight
  5.  Coolsculpting – to remove small pockets of diet and exercise resistant fat

Every person is unique in body shape, so let Dr. Schreiber listen to what your aesthetic desires are and he will offer you a customized procedure plan to accomplish your goals.  For mommy makeover before and after photos, visit Dr. Schreiber’s photo gallery and you can even view video reviews of other patients’ experiences.  Recovery varies depending upon the procedure that you get, and Dr. Schreiber is keenly aware of post-operative discomfort so he takes the extra step to make everything as comfortable as possible.  Getting your procedure done now will help to ensure a full recovery for a summer of pools, sun, or the beach!  Request an appointment online or call (410) 205-1846 now to get yourself beach body ready!

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