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Get rid of your tired eyes with a Baltimore eyelid lift!

eyelid lift

Baltimore Blepharoplasty

Baltimore Blepharoplasty

Has anyone asked you lately – “are you OK? You look tired…” BUT you feel fine?! This question may mean you are nearing the time for a facial rejuvenation procedure like eyelid surgery. Baltimore plastic surgeon, Dr. Jeffrey Schreiber, frequently performs eyelid rejuvenation surgery also known as blepharoplasty to remove the excess skin from the upper and lower eyelids. Blepharoplasty can have a dramatic yet natural effect on the entire face and improve your self-confidence.  When it comes to the eyelids, time, gravity, work, and allergies can take their toll on the upper and lower eyelids.  This can cause excess skin or hooding to build up covering the top of the eye.  For the lower eyelids, puffiness can occur when the fat surrounding the eye falls forward.  Sometimes, excess fat is also removed from the eyelids to help give your eyes a less tired and refreshed look.  Eyelid surgery is frequently combined with other cosmetic surgery procedures of the face, like facelifts, chin implants, and necklifts.

Details of the procedure

Baltimore eyelid surgery specialist, Dr. Jeffrey Schreiber, utilizes the latest eyelid surgery techniques to provide his patients with the safest, most aesthetic results.  He focuses on providing his patients with a more refreshed and youthful appearance to the eyelids.

There are three distinctly different types of eyelid surgery, and the procedure you’ll require can vary depending on the shape of your eyes and other health conditions.

Upper Eyelid Surgery: This type of blepharoplasty is used mainly to improve vision loss and appearance of the eye due to aging or genetics. As the name implies, it’s focused on the upper eyelid. This type of surgery can restore the function of the eye or provide a more rounded, open appearance. Many patients have the upper eyelids procedure done under a minimal anesthesia, allowing them to recuperate faster and get back to work in under a week.

Lower Eyelid Surgery: This procedure is based around the lower lid and eyes, focusing on the removal of wrinkles in the skin, correction of baggy eyes or improving appearance. The lower eyelid area is something that needs more medical attention to correctly diagnose the problem– sometimes it is too much fat, too much skin, and perhaps not enough of either. For this reason, it is imperative to have a consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon well skilled in these areas.

Double Eyelid Surgery: In a double eyelid surgery, a crease is made in the upper eyelid, creating a wider, larger-looking eye.


The actual eyelid surgery procedure takes 1-2 hours, depending upon whether the upper and lower eyelids are done together or just one of the two.  During the procedure, Dr. Schreiber will keep the incisions as inconspicuous as possible hidden in the lines and creases of the eyelids.  He will then gently remove the excess skin and fat from the eyelids.  Recovery takes about 1 week, and the eyelid skin heals so quickly that the stitches come out after 3 days!  Light exercise can resume after 1 week with more intense exercise starting at 4-6 weeks.  Most patients only have minimal discomfort and bruising can last 5-7 days.

Call today to schedule you eyelid lift consultation with Dr. Schreiber!

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