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How a Breast Augmentation + Tummy Tuck in Baltimore MD Create an Hourglass Figure


Media constantly bombards us with picture-perfect models all day long. Whether it’s through a commercial on TV, the cover of a magazine, or advertisements online, consumers simply can’t avoid perfect looking models.

While everyone knows a lot of the magic is actually just photoshop manipulation, there is one natural thing that many of these models have in common: an hourglass figure.

The Hourglass Figure

The sainted hourglass figure has always been difficult to achieve if one isn’t born with it. Lifestyle changes and clothing trends in modern times mean that it’s more challenging than ever to even create the appearance of an hourglass figure – corsets and fad diets are less popular than ever! So, it’s only natural that consumers look at plastic surgery, and think things like “can I combine a Baltimore breast augmentation and a tummy tuck to get that figure?”

It makes sense, because a tummy tuck can help slim you down and getting a breast lift in Baltimore will round out your upper figure. Combine the two together, and you get the ‘ideal’ body shape, right?

Body Types and Cosmetic Surgery

The answer isn’t quite as simple. The short version is yes, it’s possible. But there’s an asterisk at the end of the sentence with a long list of terms and conditions – it’s not as easy as coming in for a breast augmentation and tummy tuck in Baltimore MD and walking out ready to pose for Vogue.

Yes, getting a tummy tuck in Baltimore MD can be very effective at contouring your waist and hips, and yes a breast augmentation can add or remove to the bust. But getting a true-blue hourglass figure is all about your body shape and biology.

A lot of the hourglass figure is determined by your ribs and pelvis dimensions. If your pelvis isn’t all that wide, there really isn’t all that much cosmetic surgery can do for you.

There’s a quick way you can check at home to see if you can get an hourglass figure. Place your fingers along on the side of your body, and touch the tip of the hip bone. Run your fingers up the side of your body until you hit the rib cage.

If there was a lot of room between the hip and the rib, you’re in luck! Cosmetic surgery might be able to help. If they were particularly close together, though, there’s very little surgery can do for you.

Alternate Options

Even if biology is working against you, it’s not the end of the world. Cosmetic surgery can still help contour your body to improve your figure and self-confidence. Patients can get breast implants to make the breasts larger, and butt implants or lifts for a more curvy behind. This will improve their proportions and will make the waist appear thinner by comparison. Even if the hourglass figure is out of reach, patients still have a lot of options they can explore with a top rated cosmetic surgeon like Dr. Schreiber.

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