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How do I Choose a Good Plastic Surgeon?

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If you’re ready to take the next steps in your Baltimore plastic surgery journey you’re probably wondering, “How do I choose a good plastic surgeon?” Plastic surgery is often a life-changing experience that should not be rushed. Finding a qualified plastic surgeon in Baltimore can be easier when you look for certain criteria:

Board certification, experience, and training 

Check to see if the Plastic Surgeon in Baltimore you’re considering is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. While not a certifying organization, ASPS is well-respected, and its members must also maintain a rigorous set of training and patient safety standards to qualify for membership. Ex: Dr. Schreiber is board certified, an ASPS member with over 15 years of training at Johns Hopkins.


Thoroughly review the surgeon’s work, especially on the procedure of interest. In addition to training and medical knowledge, plastic surgery requires artistry. Everyone is unique, the “best” plastic surgeon in Baltimore for a breast augmentation for example is likely to be one whose style of work is aligned with your aesthetic goals. Good cosmetic plastic surgeons tailor a treatment to your unique situation to meet those goals. Good plastic surgery requires the provider to be able to customize treatment to your situation and needs. Dr. Schreiber’s gallery

Patient Reviews and Testimonials

Patient reviews (specific to the procedure you are interested in) and patient forums can also provide honest feedback from patients regarding their experiences with potential surgeon candidates.


Communicating openly and building a personal rapport with a surgeon and their staff can mean the difference between a good plastic surgeon and a great one. Communication is one of the most important qualifications when choosing a plastic surgeon.  Feeling comfortable discussing your goals, lifestyle, overall health, and any questions or concerns you might have are vital. The right provider and practice will be able to outline realistic expectations, costs, and recovery while guiding you through the process. 

Understanding how to choose a good plastic surgeon is the first step toward achieving your aesthetic goals. Selecting a safe, experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon that you connect with can make all the difference on your journey toward a more confident you.

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