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Is Bigger Necessarily Better?


In an age where the masses idealize the Kardashians, the standards of beauty are changing rapidly.  Previously, women with smaller breasts were preferred over those with bigger ones. Now, the case is completely opposite. This has given rise to the number of women seeking breast augmentation all over the world, including Baltimore.

You can always queue up for plastic surgery in Baltimore, but cosmetic surgery here is done with considerable care, the surgeons believing in the health of their clients more than anything. Although it is trendy to acquire implanted breasts so as to appear beautiful, it has been observed, through research of course, that large breast size can lead towards a lot health issues.

Following are a few problems that are always accompanied with bigger breast sizes.

  1. Localized Pains

    It has been estimated in a research that 31 women with breast reduction surgery were either suffering from neck, back or shoulder pain. Another study uncovered that breast size above cup size D can cause extreme pain in the upper back region including neck and shoulder due to abnormal mass on one side of the body. The main reason for this condition is that the spinal cord has to bend itself so as to adjust for the extra weight. The condition, if not that severe, can be treated with wearing customized bras, exercise and medication.

  2. Skin Problems

    Skin rashes are usually formed below the creases of your breasts. Due to extra weight and pressure, the skin of that region does not get the required amount of air and ends up infected by fungus. There are also tendencies to develop breast stretch marks that have rather an adverse effect on any woman’s psychological health. Consult with a doctor for treatment.

  3. Bad Posture

    Since you have extra mass in the frontal region of your body, it sometimes leads towards bad body posture. There are several reasons for this condition. First, your spinal cord bends itself to adjust the weight. This automatically results in your shoulders slouching. Secondly, it is every  part of every woman’s domestic training to keep their breast region covered. However, a more protruded one makes them conscious and they, in turn, try to hide them by bending their shoulders lower. Over time, the body acquires that posture.

  4. Breathing Difficulties

    A lot of women with heavy breasts have reported to suffer from shortness of breath. This is mainly due to the excessive chest weight. The weight pushes the chest region down and impairs breathing. The condition leads towards other side conditions; chronic headache and nerve tingling.

  5. Limited Activity

    Women with large breasts cannot move as freely as their counterparts. Because of increased weight, they are prone to numerous issues, First of all, the region has a lot of muscles and fat, this in itself is enough to cause muscular pain. Also, if not secured properly, large breasts are more likely to develop tumors.

  6. Psychological Issues

    Women tend to feel low self esteem and distorted body image due to heavy breasts. The world is full of women with hourglass and slender bodies. It has been researched that women get depressed if they are surrounded by other women with ideal hourglass figure.

Book a consultation at a Baltimore breast augmentation centre and get quality surgery to alleviate any such issues with the most experienced surgeons.

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