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Lipo360 now offered by Baltimore Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Center


Lipo360 is the newest trend in Baltimore liposuction procedures. Traditional liposuction only focused on 1-3 areas, but Lipo360 concentrates on sculpting a patient in a 360 degree contour to get the best results possible from liposuction. Dr. Jeff Schreiber at the Baltimore Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Center is a liposuction expert and his main focus is to provide his patients with the best possible liposuction results safely.

How do I get Lipo360?

First, start by calling Dr. Schreiber’s office to set up a consultation. Then, during your consultation Dr. Schreiber will listen very carefully to your aesthetic desires and perform a thorough evaluation. Next, he will review your photos and those of others who have had liposuction to make the best recommendations for you. Once you have chosen a surgery date, Dr. Schreiber and his nurse will see you again to review the procedure, give you a prescription for an antibiotic and a mild pain medicine, and he even gives his cosmetic surgery patients his cell phone number so you can contact him anytime before or after surgery.

What does Lipo360 involve?

Lipo360 can be done as an outpatient or as a 23 hour stay for those patients who desire a more robust result. During your Lipo360 procedure, Dr. Schreiber will place medicine under the skin to numb the areas and to prevent a lot of bruising. Then, he will perform the liposuction procedure to remove as much fat as possible safely. At the end of the surgery, a compression garment will be placed to mold the skin over your new and improved look.

Lipo360 recovery?

Recovery can take as little as a few days or up to a week depending upon how much liposuction was done. Dr. Schreiber typically allows light cardio exercise to resume at 2 weeks followed by heavy weights at 6 weeks.

All in all, Lipo360 is an amazing way to sculpt your body in a 360 degree fashion with the best liposuction techniques available. Talk to Dr. Schreiber about your aesthetic goals by making an appointment. You can fill out an Appointment request by clicking here or call (410) 205-1846 at your convenience.

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