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Plastic Surgeon in Baltimore Helps You Set and Achieve Realistic Goals


Many people seek to understand the psychological implications of plastic surgery, as millions around the country, including in Baltimore, MD, seek various cosmetic procedures yearly. Previous reports show that the positive outweighs the negative.

Plastic Surgery

In 2013, Medical News Today featured a study that explored the psychological benefits that plastic surgery can bring. The respondents in the research were examined by psychologist before their surgeries, and 3, 6, and 12 months after.

“In a long-term study, Prof. Dr. Jürgen Margraf, Alexander von Humboldt Professor for Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy at the RUB, investigated the psychological effects of plastic surgery on approximately 550 patients in cooperation with colleagues from the University of Basel. Patients demonstrated more enjoyment of life, satisfaction and self-esteem after their physical appearance had been surgically altered. The results of the world’s largest ever study on this issue are reported by the researchers in the journal Clinical Psychological Science.”

“Compared to those who had chosen not to have plastic surgery, the patients felt healthier, were less anxious, had developed more self-esteem and found the operated body feature in particular, but also their body as a whole, more attractive,” according to the researchers. Setting and achieving realistic goals significantly affected these positive findings.

Consulting a premier plastic surgeon in Baltimore will help you establish attainable goals and practical expectations from a cosmetic procedure. Consider both the recovery phase and the aesthetic results in outlining these goals.

Goals for Recovery

The surgeon will provide you with details on how the procedure will be done, and what you can expect during the recovery period. Surgical procedures like breast augmentationliposuction, and tummy tucks take longer to heal. If you cannot commit to the time required for the procedure and recovery, you may opt for non-surgical or minimally invasive treatments, such as lasers or Coolsculpting (fat removal procedures), which have faster recuperation periods.

Goals for Results
The doctor will also inform you of the achievable results from the treatment. During the consultation, ask about the possible aesthetic outcomes, including how soon you can observe the results, how observable the change will be, and how the change might affect your routines and habits, if at all.

Some procedures also leave scars or warrant a commitment to a stable weight and healthier practices, which is something you should be prepared for. A well-recognized Baltimore plastic surgeon, such as Dr. Jeffrey Schreiber of Baltimore Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Center, will be as thorough and transparent as possible, which is important to helping you set realistic expectations, as well as manage your schedule and lifestyle changes.

(Source: Psychologists Confirm Long-Term Positive Effects Of Plastic Surgery, Medical News Today, March 13, 2013)

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