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Plastic Surgeon in Baltimore Reveals What to Expect After a Tummy Tuck


Are you considering having a tummy tuck done? Dr. Jeffrey Schreiber, plastic surgeon in Baltimore, reveals what you can expect after the procedure is complete. Learn more about what to expect, the healing process, and the general recovery timeline.

When you awaken from your tummy tuck, you will probably feel sore and a little disoriented. If you are fortune enough to have a tummy tuck in Baltimore MD, by Dr. Schreiber, he will be there to greet you when you wake up. Next you will need someone to give you a ride home, and help you get comfortable in bed or on the couch. You will have a series of post-op appointments that you must attend so that the doctor can evaluate your progress, re-position any drains or bandages as needed, and check for signs of complication like bleeding or infection. These are rare, but it is important that your doctor do regular, thorough post-op exams to confirm that all is well. A sample timeline for these appointments would be at one week, one month, three months, six months, nine months, and one year.

Your initial recovery period lasts about 7-10 days. Some doctors will leave you with the number of an on-call nurse or physician’s assistant, but Dr. Schreiber gives his patients his personal cell phone number. He encourages every patient to contact him any time, day or night, with questions or concerns. He will also have provided you with pain medication prescriptions in advance, and details on the specific items you will need to have a comfortable recuperation. This may include over the counter pain relievers, laxatives, and stool softeners, as well as comfort items like pillows, lip balm, and hand lotion. You should also have light, easy to digest foods and drinks available.

After about a week, your doctor will give you the go-ahead to drive. At two weeks you can do light, very low-impact exercise, and at six weeks you can resume more rigorous exercise. It is around the six to eight week mark when the swelling will be significantly reduced and you will really have a good feel for your new flat stomach! Be prepared for compliments, increased self esteem, and a better degree of comfort.

If you go for a tummy tuck in Baltimore MD, you will meeting with the best of the best. Dr. Jeffrey Schreiber, now a plastic surgeon in Baltimore, is initially from St. Louis, Missouri. For six years, he attended a medical program at University of Missouri-Kansas City Medical School, where he earned both a B.A. degree in Biology and his M.D. degree. Dr. Schreiber then moved to Baltimore, Maryland to finish a general surgery internship at the Johns Hopkins Hospital. Later, he did his residency in integrated general and plastic surgery at the Johns Hopkins/University of Maryland plastic surgery program. Afterwards, Dr. Schreiber became a Clinical Instructor at the Johns Hopkins Hospital. He was even named in Baltimore Magazine as Top Doc. Dr. Schreiber has previously served as President of the Maryland Plastic Surgery Society. He is also the recipient of the 100 Award and a member of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

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