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Plastic Surgery during COVID-19 is on the Rise

plastic surgery

plastic surgery

Plastic surgeon Baltimore Maryland Dr. Jeffrey Schreiber has been more in demand than ever Post COVID-19 lockdown.

In a new study produced by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons on Americans’ attitudes towards plastic surgery in the wake of COVID-19, during the pandemic, 49% of respondents who haven’t had any plastic surgery say they are open to having cosmetic or reconstructive procedures in the future.

During Maryland’s stay at home orders Dr. Schreiber stayed busy with virtual consultations and emergency cases. As soon as the restrictions on elective procedures were lifted, patients (both new and existing) couldn’t wait to schedule an appointment for Botox, fillers, breast augmentations, tummy tuck in baltimore md, eye lifts and more!

One other popular procedure that Dr. Schreiber specializes in is hair restoration. Hair restoration in both men and women was one of the most requested treatments post COVID lockdown. Dr. Schreiber believes that the stress and uncertainty could have contributed to people’s hair loss but also the fact that people have been scrutinizing their appearance while being at home.

With many people being on Zoom or Facetime while working or even “socializing” from home, Dr. Schreiber says it can intensify their desire to fix these “flaws”.

Dr. Schreiber also says that his cosmetic surgical patients know this is an ideal time to have their surgery because they’re able to recover and work from home. They also are able to cover up and bruising or swelling from fillers or even a facelift while out in public by wearing their masks.

Patients should expect enhanced safety protocols, including telehealth/virtual appointments as well as in-person visits; on-site screening; and mask wearing and staggered scheduling.

Our patients also know that a doctor’s office is practically one of the safest places to visit and doing so gives them some sense of returning to normalcy. People want to resume their normal lives and part of that is prioritizing self- care and self-esteem.

Dr. Schreiber is booking up quickly – Call now to get an appointment!

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