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Recovery Tips for a Tummy Tuck in Baltimore: How to Minimize Scars


For Hollywood stars and other personalities in the entertainment industry, their looks are their moneymakers. Most of them resort to plastic surgery to get the toned and beautiful body they want. Writing for Mail Online, reporter Helen Zhao features one such celebrity – the voluptuous Wendy Williams:

The 49-year-old talk show host has sculpted her body via plastic surgery, including breast implants and liposuction about 20 years ago.

Wendy is a strong advocate of plastic surgery, describing her motivation for going under the knife.

‘I just wanted to fit into good clothes,’ she told People in 2009. ‘I wanted the body that matched my personality. And the body I have now matches my personality.’

After getting a tummy tuck in 1999, Wendy was left with a prominent scar on the lower part of her abdomen. She didn’t like the mark, especially since she loved hitting the beach and wearing bikinis. Although she wasn’t a fan of tattoos, she had the area inked with a star-and-vine pattern to hide the scar.

Scars may be expected from a tummy tuck in Baltimore. However, you can consult a reputable surgeon and request for his post-operative advice on optimal scar healing. Here are some tips to help you properly take care of your scar during recovery to minimize the mark’s prominence:

Follow your surgeon’s post-operative advice.

A reputable Baltimore tummy tuck surgeon like Dr. Jeffrey Schreiber of the Baltimore Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Center can perform a surgery with minimal scarring. After the procedure, he will provide you with specific instructions to help the wound heal properly and quickly. Heeding advice on lifting (delay it) and smoking (avoid it) for a few weeks would promote better healing.

Stay out of the sun, or protect yourself from its light.

Exposure to the sun can make the scar appear redder or darker. To avoid this, apply protective dressings or garments as instructed by the surgeon. Also, wear sunscreen for at least a year after surgery.

Keep the scar clean, and moisturize the skin.

Make sure that everything you apply on the site is clean, because infection can make the scar worse. Petroleum jelly, vitamin E oil, and cocoa butter can enhance scar healing. Drug store creams and lasers may also help. Of course, before trying any home remedy, commercial product, or procedure, you should seek your doctor’s opinion and clearance for your own safety.

(Source: Wendy Williams puts surgically enhanced figure and tummy tuck on display in bikini as she joins Brandi Glanville at Vegas bachelorette party, Mail Online, July 13, 2014)

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