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The 3 Steps to a Successful Breast Augmentation Consultation by Baltimore Plastic Surgeon


Breast Augmentation Consultation can be successfully done by certified Baltimore Plastic Surgeon Dr. Jeffrey Schreiber. But how to do you ensure that you get the right augmentation consultation? Here is a three step process to ensure just that:

Step One – Finding a Certified Plastic Surgeon

Finding the best certified plastic surgeon can be difficult, as there are so many surgeons to choose from. The best way to sift through the skilled doctors is by first checking their certification. Additionally, make sure that the surgeon is experienced; the surgeon himself can provide photos of previous work to show the quality and success of Baltimore Breast Augmentation patients they have worked on.

Step Two – Primary Examination

In this step, the surgeon will examine the patient’s breasts, and may also take photos for a ‘before’ and ‘after’ comparison. In the examination, the surgeon will analyze the patient’s breasts thoroughly, including the size and shape of the breast, nipples, and areolas. After he has analyzed them, he will give his suggestions about the procedure and what would be best for the patient. Dr Schreiber often reminds patients that they have the right to share their opinion about what they want out of this surgery, including specific details about how they want their breasts to look.

According to Dr. Schreiber, it is extremely important that the patient provides their doctor with a full medical history, such as if the patient has any medical conditions, or has had any previous surgeries or drug allergies. The doctor also needs to know if the patient takes any kind of medication, whether it is prescription, over the counter, or even diet supplements.

If the patient has a history of breast cancer, the surgeon needs to know before he begins. The surgeon also needs to know if the patient is at their ideal weight, as that can interfere with the procedure. If the patient is planning to have more children, it is advisable to wait to have surgery until after childbearing years.

Step Three – The Consultation Outcome

The patient should leave the consultation with feeling informed and respected, She should have a thorough understanding of the procedure, and know all the details of what the breast augmentation will result in. She must know the size, the type, the locations of cuts, and all the areas where incisions may be made. The surgeon will also inform the patient about the risks of the surgery and the length of the recovery process. The patient should write down all the details for further research. The consultations can range from 30 minutes to even a couple of hours, depending on the surgeon and the patient’s inquiries.

Dr. Jeffrey Schreiber, a John Hopkins trained plastic surgeon, is one of the best among Baltimore Plastic Surgeons. He and his staff are known for offering their new patients a in-depth consultation regarding breast augmentation.

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