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The Maryland Breast Augmentation Experience


The Maryland Breast Augmentation Experience: a comprehensive review of breast implants and breast augmentation surgery

Maryland breast augmentation expert, Dr. Jeffrey Schreiber, strives to achieve the best breast augmentation results with each and every procedure he performs. When Dr. Schreiber sees patients for a breast enhancement consultation, he personally greets them in the lobby and brings them back to his comfortable office. He first listens to what aesthetic goals the patients are looking to achieve. Then, he carefully reviews the history and inquires about anything that may affect the outcome or procedure itself to ensure the most safety during the procedure. Speaking of safety, Dr. Schreiber goes above and beyond the normal safety requirements for surgery. His attention to detail in the operating room goes beyond the patient to make sure that all bases are covered and that the procedure goes as smoothly as possible.

After careful review of the history, Dr. Schreiber then examines his patients in the comfortable exam rooms and he pays attention to the details that will guide him to make the best possible options possible for great outcomes for his patients. Next, patients are taken back to Dr. Schreiber’s private office to discuss the best options possible for the breast surgery. These can involve several different things, such as a breast augmentation using:

– silicone gel implants
– structured or Ideal breast implants
– saline implants
– autologous fat (the patient’s own fat)

Silicone gel breast implants are FDA approved and can give very natural results with a great look and feel. This is a very common procedure and the breast implants themselves come in different shapes and sizes. The silicone gel breast implants come in different projections.
– small (moderate profile)
– medium (moderate-plus profile)
– large (high profile)
– very larger (ultra-high profile)

The profile or projection is how much the implants protrude off the chest. Most women choose either moderate-plus or high profile. However, the decision is completely up to the patient and Dr. Schreiber is happy to go with any projection that the patients choose. When it comes to size of the implants, this comes in cc’s or milliliters of silicone gel. In order to determine the best breast implant size, Dr. Schreiber and his nurse provide the patients with different sized “sizers” to place in the bra to determine how large patients want to go. Patients really like this method and he gives them plenty of time to determine the best size for themselves.

Ideal breast implants are relatively new and have been around for several years already. These implants are considered “structured” because they have several different shells inside that provide the implant with stability. They are filled with sterile saline giving them a natural look and feel as well. Many patients choose the Ideal breast implants owing to the fact that if they leak or rupture it’s just sterile water leaking out and not silicone gel.

Saline breast implants have been around for a very long time, but are used rarely at this point. This is because the can give a less natural look and harder feel. However, these implants are good for those patients looking to go larger than the largest silicone gel breast implant (800cc). In these cases, patients can go as large as they desire (within reason) as long as they understand that it’s off-label use of the implants. Dr. Schreiber has filled saline breast implants with as much as 1,200cc and the patients love the big size!

Fat grafting to the breasts is becoming more and more popular as patients realize that their own fat can be used to augment their breasts. However, patient need to realize that a large amount of fat is required to obtain a noticeable increase in the size of the breasts since 30-40% of the fat injected into the breasts dissolves over time. Very thin patients are not good candidates for breast fat grafting since Dr. Schreiber needs to perform liposuction to get the fat for the breasts and if they don’t have a lot of fat to give then the procedure will not work.

The Maryland Breast Augmentation Procedure

Once the patient have had a thorough history and physical, chosen the type and size of breast implant, and obtained the required preoperative clearance from their family physician, the breast augmentation surgery can proceed! This type of procedure is relatively easy and straightforward for almost all patients. It takes Dr Schreiber about an hour to an hour and a half to perform a breast enhancement surgery. The incisions are usually done underneath the breast as these scars heal beautifully and are very hard to find. Other types of incisions can damage nerves and cause stretching of the areola if not done properly. The implants can be place over the muscles (subglandular) or under the muscles (submuscular). Over the muscle is good for those patients not wanting to experience any distortion of the breast implants when flexing the pectoralis muscles. However, this method is associated with a higher rate of capsular contracture (hard scarring around the implants) and rupture. Under the muscle placement of the implants is most commonly performed and is also good when doing a breast lift simultaneously which is a procedure that Dr. Schreiber does frequently.

Once the implants are in, Dr. Schreiber sits his patients up during surgery to make sure that the placement is ideal and he then makes any adjustments necessary to ensure the most beautiful results possible. The recovery is easy compared to other more extensive surgeries, is usually only a few days with most patients taking non-narcotic pain medicines like Tylenol or Advil! In fact, Dr. Schreiber makes the entire process so easy that he even applies a waterproof dressing so that patient can even shower the next day!

The breast implants will settle over the next several months into their natural position and the swelling will also decrease over this time. In order to give his patient the most secure feeling with having surgery, Dr. Schreiber provides each and every cosmetic surgery patient with his cell phone number for any questions, comments, or concerns. This is especially helpful for out-of-town and international patients so that they don’t have to come into the office very time they have a question about their healing process.

We hope you enjoyed this comprehensive review of the Maryland breast augmentation experience and if you’d like to make an appointment with Dr. Schreiber please call (410) 205-1846 or click here.

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