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Thigh Lifts: Youthful Thighs and Legs from your Baltimore Plastic Surgeon


thigh liftWhen looking for a Baltimore plastic surgeon to perform work for you, consider Dr. Jeffrey Schreiber at Baltimore Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Center. He performs all types of procedures from thigh lifts to breast augmentation in Baltimore. He is definitely the surgeon of choice, regardless of your needs. Give him a call and discuss the type of work you would like performed and see what the expert recommends.

Often times, thighs begin to sag and not look as youthful as in our younger days. If exercise has not firmed and toned the thighs as you would like consider a thigh lift, also known as thighplasty. This procedure can reshape the thighs and remove excess skin and fat. However, if you are interested in just fat removal, liposuction may do the trick and a thigh lift may not be necessary. Thigh lifts are not meant for candidates that have good elasticity and who are able to get their shape back if the fat is removed. Thigh lifts will remove excess skin, fat, and tissue and refine upper legs to make them look firm and smooth.

To be a good candidate, you must want smoother and firmer thighs and not be using this as replacement for exercise and diet. This is for those who have stubborn areas that do not respond to diet and exercise alone. You must also be in good general health to obtain this procedure. You do not want to compromise the ability to recover and safely undergo anesthesia. You should also not be a smoker or drinker, which can disrupt the healing process and recovery period. Psychologically, you must be mentally stable and aware of what the expected results will be. You should be realistic about what is possible and willing to commit to the prescribed recovery time and healthy diet and exercise that must follow. These set of criteria are the same, even if you are obtaining a Baltimore breast augmentation.

Thigh lifts can reverse the effects of weight loss, loose skin, and aging. The new found since of confidence and well-being can allow you to wear what you would like, workout at the gym and lounge around the pool without self-consciousness and embarrassment. Consider this lift as a way to regain your confidence and a set of new and fit thighs. Your Baltimore plastic surgeon can get you in for a consultation to discuss the process that is just right for you.

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