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Top to Bottom Makeover: Butt Implants + Facelift in Baltimore


Are you looking to refresh your appearance from top to bottom? Dr. Jeffrey Schreiber is offering a new, exciting combination for patients in Baltimore: a facelift along with butt implants! When we say “top to bottom”, we really mean it. Some might think it’s an odd pairing, but we think it’s a great idea. It’s especially appealing because it isn’t just top to bottom – it’s also front to back! So, if you’re already considering having butt implants or a facelift, Baltimore surgeon Dr. Schreiber is available to explain more about getting the other done as well.

Starting from the top – many wonder what all is involved with a facelift. This is a safe and effective procedure that only takes about four hours, and can be done either inpatient or outpatient. Many steps are combined in the overall facial rejuvenation; Baltimore Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Center takes a unique approach. The most notable distinction is the inclusion of a necklift along with the facelift.

A necklift plus facelift leaves the patient with a very balanced, complete look. If someone gets a facelift without the necklift, there can sometimes be a very noticeable difference between how young the face looks, and how old the neck looks. Dr. Schreiber’s approach makes both look younger, smoother, and more refreshed.

During the procedure, excess fat and skin are removed, and wrinkles are reduced. The incisions are carefully placed to be inconspicuous, so there is no obvious scarring. Jowls and “marionette lines” are much less noticeable. The tissue and muscles of the face are tightened, which helps to restore a youthful appearance. Cheeks are also given more volume – which happens to occur with butt implants as well!

Buttock implants are done to increase the size or projection of the buttocks, as well as to improve upon their shape and symmetry. During the procedure, a small incision is made in the gluteal cleft, between the buttocks. A pocket is made within the muscle, and then the silicone implants are inserted. This intramuscular technique is best for preventing infection and contour abnormalities post-surgery.

Butt implants are similar to the Brazilian butt lift procedure, but not identical. A Brazilian butt lift includes liposuction of fat from other areas of the body. The fat is then sanitized and safely injected into the buttocks. Some opt for butt implants instead, because they simply don’t have enough excess fat for a complete procedure.

The end results are similar, though; each procedure results in a lifted, curvier rear end. This can help clothing fit better, make someone feel better about their body, and provide a more balanced look that gives the appearance of weight loss. If you’re interested in pairing your butt implant procedure with a facelift, Baltimore surgeon Dr. Schreiber is here to help! Learn more by calling 410-205-1846, or click here to schedule an appointment online.

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