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Trusted Baltimore Plastic Surgeon Talks about ‘Man Boobs’ and Gynecomastia


Spend time selecting the perfect Baltimore plastic surgeon for your Gynecomastia condition. Dr. Schreiber, the same plastic surgeon trusted by countless women in Baltimore for breast augmentation can help you get rid of those man boobs and change your life for the better.

How does it work?

Gynecomastia is a condition where men grow excess breast tissue. This process can be embarrassing for the man and that is why they will seek plastic surgery. The process can be performed with liposuction if the fat tissue is minimal to moderate. The tissue behind the nipple can also be removed through the same hole that the liposuction cannula was placed in. In severe cases of Gynecomastia, they may have to excise all the tissue and skin in that area (including the nipple) and replace it on the body as a skin graft.

Why is it wanted?

Many plastic surgeries are based on aesthetics and the feelings of inadequacy felt by the patient. Dr. Schreiber, provider of excellent breast augmentation services in Baltimore can also help males get rid of their gynecomastia condition that oftentimes leave them self-conscious. The emotional distress and sense of embarrassment can be extremely serious for a man with Gynecomastia. The display of seems to look like female breasts can be embarrassing for any man and the ridicule they will endure can be very damaging. Self-confidence will decrease and feelings of isolation can occur. The men may even forego exercise because of the embarrassment of the movement of this breast tissue. This is not a frivolous surgery, this is a surgery that will change lives.

After Care

Once the procedure has been completed, the healing time will take 1-2 weeks and compression wraps will be used to minimize swelling and movement of the breast area. The scars are minimal, since they are usually placed under the natural fold of the breast area.

Gynecomastia can be a serious condition that can be solved with a fairly easy procedure. Your Baltimore plastic surgeon can fix this condition and give you back your confidence.

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