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Baltimore neck lift
Baltimore neck lift

Viora is the newest radio frequency device to help tighten the skin of the neck, jowls, and lower eyelids.  It can also treat cellulite of the legs and tighten loose skin of the abdomen. When it comes to non-surgical facial and body contouring options, Viora is amazing.  This revolutionary new device uses radio frequency waves to gently heat up the collagen of the tissues.  This leads to tighter collagen formation and to deposits of new collagen giving a tighter, more youthful appearance to the skin.

Patients who complain of loose, hanging skin of the neck and jowls and who are not facelift candidates can benefit from Viora treatment.

Loose, saggy skin of the eyelids can also benefit from Viora.  For those patients who don’t desire surgery or who are not surgical candidates, Viora might be able to help.

Cellulite patients can use Viora to smooth out areas of cellulite in the legs.  Several treatments are required for optimal results and maintenance treatments yearly can help sustain the great results.

Dr. Jeffrey Schreiber is amazed by the results!  He believes this is the best non-surgical treatment for skin tightening and cellulite treatment.  Book a consultation with Dr. Schreiber, and he will spend a considerable amount of time with you to determine if Viora is right for you.  It’s important to keep in mind that Viora is non-surgical and aesthetic goals should be kept realistic.  For example, if you will benefit from a facelift more than Viora Dr. Schreiber will let you know.

The actual Viora procedure is practically painless!  In fact, the intensity of the device is increased incrementally to the point that results are obtained, but comfort is maintained.  Treatments usually last 30-90 minutes and 4-9 sessions are typically required for optimal results.  Maintenance treatments 1-2x/year afterward are required to continue keeping the skin tight.

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