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Virtually painless laser hair removal!

Baltimore laser hair removal patients all have unwanted and unslightly hair. It could be on your neck, back, upper lip, chin, arms, armpits, and bikini areas. Previous hair removal techniques like the old lasers and electrolysis can be painful and expensive. There is a new laser called the LightSheer Duet that is virtually painless, gives amazing results, and is very affordable. At the Baltimore Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Center, we now have this amazing new laser. Dr. Schreiber himself gets his neck and back done and he loves it! Men in particular love the laser because it’s virtually painless, gives great results, and is fast so that large areas, like the back and chest, can be treated quickly. There is no downtime and you can even exercise the day of the treatment. Laser hair removal is not a permanent removal of very single hair follicle. Rather, it is a permanent hair reduction. Even more, winter is the best time to get laser hair removal with the LightSheer Duet because you cannot get it done if you have a tan. The treatments are usually about 4-6 weeks apart depending upon the areas that you want treated.

Laser hair removal can enhance the results of other cosmetic surgery procedures. For example, tummy tucks are great for removing excess belly skin. However, unsightly hair in the pubic area can take away from the aesthetic results of the tummy tuck. Laser hair removal can treat this so that there is no worry about hair showing through a bathing suit! Even more, a facelift is great for rejuvenating the face and giving patients a more youthful look. Again, unwanted hair along the chin and upper lip in women can decrease the aesthetics of the facelift. With laser hair removal of the chin and upper lip this not a problem anymore.

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