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What You Should Wear After Getting a Baltimore Tummy Tuck



It’s no secret that most people with a pot belly want to reduce it down to size and have a flat stomach. A lot of people wonder if it’s even possible for them to slim down. Others wonder what life will be like when they finally get a slimmer figure.

Getting a slimmer belly doesn’t need to be difficult – a Baltimore tummy tuck removes excess fat from the stomach, often slimming it down dramatically. There are a number of doctors that offer Baltimore cosmetic surgery services, but the best is Dr. Schreiber of Baltimore Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Center. He is an exemplary doctor who has helped a number of people to get the flat stomach that they have only had in their dreams. Some of the people he has helped weren’t able to achieve the results through exercise and diet alone – biology was working against them.

After getting a tummy tuck, your clothing will likely have to change. Say goodbye to loose, baggy, and oversized t-shirts, pants, and dresses! A flatter belly gives you so many new trends and styles to pick from. A good tummy tuck in Baltimore opens up a whole variety of clothing choices. This brings up the question, just what should you wear after your surgery?

What to Wear Immediately After the Tummy Tuck

Right after surgery, Dr. Schreiber will place a compression garment around your waist. The garment is usually made of soft foam, and it prevents the stomach from swelling after surgery. You can remove the garment after a few days, or when you go to take a shower, but should put it back on afterward. Dr. Schreiber may advise that you should wear the garment for up to six weeks after your Baltimore tummy tuck surgery. This patience enables you to get the best results. In most cases, swelling goes down dramatically within a few weeks, but for some people, it can take up to several months to completely disappear. Duration will vary from one person to another depending on the surgery and the patient’s health.

Ready to Show Off Your Flat Stomach?

This is the part that everyone’s waiting for! The surgery has been completed, all of the swellings has stopped, and now you’re ready to show off your new, slim, good-looking stomach. After going through the surgery, most patients go down quite a few pants sizes, so it’s time to look for slimmer clothes. Skinny jeans and fitted, body-conscious (“body-con”) dresses are a good way to show off your new look. Snug blouses, rompers, crop tops, pencil skirts, leggings, and low-rise pants are all great choices for debuting your toned tummy. Technology has advanced in recent years, allowing surgeons to place lower incisions. This means that any scars can be located beneath the bikini line. Want to show off your new bikini – and flat belly- at the beach? Go for it, scars won’t hold you back!

Dr. Schreiber and Dr. Schuster, both of the Baltimore Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Center, have each been selected as Baltimore Magazine Top Doctors of 2016!

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