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When is the Best Time to get a Tummy Tuck in Baltimore MD?


Are you looking to get a tummy tuck in Baltimore MD? Many people wonder when is the best time in their life to get a tummy tuck. What makes a person a good candidate? Potential patients often wonder if this procedure is safe to undergo while pregnant, or while still planning to expand their family. Should a woman wait until she is done having children before having a tummy tuck?

The answer is different for every patient, but this post will help clear up any confusion on the best time to get cosmetic surgery, like a tummy tuck or breast lift in Baltimore. There are some things to consider before having a tummy tuck.

Will a Tummy Tuck Affect Pregnancy?

No need to worry – women are still able to get pregnant after having a tummy tuck. With that being said, it’s recommended that a woman finishes having children before getting the procedure. Being pregnant will stretch out both the muscles and the skin. This stretching can undo what the tummy tuck touched up – putting you back at square one.

Tummy Tuck Expectations

Before they talk to a surgeon, potential patients should consider what they expect the tummy tuck to accomplish. Are they looking for confidence, or a better image? They should have their own reasons for getting this procedure, and not base the decision on what anyone else wants. If you’re considering the procedure, write down what you’re looking for. Then, in a few days or weeks, go back and review the list to see if anything’s changed. You might find that you don’t want the procedure anymore, or that you would like a different or additional procedure.

Get Close to Your Ideal Weight

A tummy tuck wasn’t designed to be a quick way to lose weight. A candidate should be near their ideal weight when they have this procedure. This isn’t a get-slim-quick method; it’s meant to tone and refine the body after the weight has been lost, if needed. Developing healthy eating and exercise habits will also help you to maintain your results after the tummy tuck is completed.

Warning for Smokers

Smokers seeking cosmetic surgery are in for a rude awakening. Before having a tummy tuck – or most other procedures – the patient needs to quit smoking six to eight weeks in advance. The chemicals in cigarettes can delay and prolong the healing process.

Can the Weight Come Back?

The short answer is yes, the weight can come back after the procedure. The abdominal area will look fuller, but the skin will likely remain tight. You will end up with a different looking midsection than before your tummy tuck, but it is still possible to stretch out the skin again. A healthy diet and exercise regime is the best way to prevent this.


Like with all medical procedures, the body is going to need some time to recover after the procedure. Dr. Schreiber will let you know in advance exactly what recuperation guidelines to follow. This may include bed rest, taking time off of work, light stretching, or just walking around the house every hour or so. He will base his decision on your overall health, the intensity of the procedure, and how your healing progresses.
Getting a tummy tuck in Baltimore MD is a great way to improve your body and self-image, all in one go. Make sure you go to a board certified surgeon like Dr. Schreiber – you don’t want to take any risks with your body. While you’re there, if you’ve been looking at any other cosmetic procedures, like a Baltimore breast augmentation be sure to bring it up. Dr. Schreiber can combine procedures to save time and costs.

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