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Viora Reaction Radiofrequency Treatment


In my office today, I use radiofrequency energy in order to perform nonsurgical face rejuvenation. This involves a laser that essentially heats the collagen in the skin without damaging the epidermis. The frequency is approximately 10 MHz compared to a microwave oven that is 400-900 MHz. The wonderful thing also about this laser is that it is safe for all skin types and colors. It does cause heat-induced tissue shrinkage and the amount of shrinkage depends upon the maximum temperature reached, the heat exposure time, tissue hydration, and tissue age. Skin tightening can be obtained by radiofrequency energy of the Viora Reaction laser. The skin tightening is caused by heating the collagen and triple helix and causing it to denature. The residual tension of the heat-stable intermolecular cross links causes the collagen shrinkage. Heating the fibroblasts also leads to new collagen synthesis, which leads to tissue remodeling. Therefore, tissue remodeling plus the collagen shrinkage leads to firmer skin, which we see with the Viora Reaction radiofrequency energy skin tightening laser. It is important to reach skin temperatures of 102-107 degrees Fahrenheit very safely in the office and the results can be amazing, especially on the stomach after liposuction to tighten the skin. Another good application of radiofrequency energy from the Viora Reaction laser is cellulite reduction. Radiofrequency energy can heat large volumes of subcutaneous adipose tissue. This does cause increased microcirculation, which can lead to more blood flow to the fat and increased metabolism of the adipose tissue. This causes homogenization of the subdermal fat and increasing skin elasticity. Then this leads to improved skin texture. Cellulite can be improved nicely. It is not going to make all of the cellulite go away, but there is commonly an improvement after several treatments of the Viora Reaction radiofrequency skin tightening laser. There are some contraindications to this procedure, pregnancy, implanted electronic devices, hip replacements, malignancies, blood coagulopathies, and it is not recommended to do the radiofrequency energy treatment over tattoos. This again can tighten skin all over the body, especially in the abdomen. It can significantly improve jowls and also fine lines and wrinkles of the cheeks with tightening.

Therefore, upon review, fine lines and wrinkles can be treated by carbon dioxide laser therapy or the collagen-induction therapy, photoaging can be treated by the CO2 laser, scars and acne scars can be treated by the CO2 laser as well as collagen induction therapy, tightening of the skin could be obtained by the collagen induction therapy, radiofrequency therapy with the Viora Reaction device or carbon dioxide laser, submental fat can be treated with liposuction, but also the Kybella with no surgery at all and finally cellulite reduction can be obtained with radiofrequency energy from the Viora Reaction device.

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